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ROC Successfully Delivers 2 Sets of LNG Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks

At the beginning of the new year, ROC wasted no time in starting work. On the afternoon of February 19th, ROC successfully delivered two sets of LNG stainless steel fuel tanks, heralding the start of this year's deliveries.

This project is a service for Matson MV MANUKALNG Repower Conversion, a limited company in the United States. The material used is 304 stainless steel. The tanks are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), with a diameter of 11.2 meters and a total length of 24.72 meters. The design temperature is -165, and the design pressure is 5.6 bar. The project design and construction must comply with specifications such as ABS, ASME, IGF, and USCG.

The project started construction in August of last year. Through the concerted efforts of all employees, ROC innovatively adopted a new process that combines three welding methods - argon arc welding, manual welding, and submerged arc welding - for stainless steel LNG tanks. This has greatly shortened the construction period and reduced construction costs. The welding quality and construction efficiency are leading domestically, and have been highly recognized by customers.

ROC has become one of the few domestic enterprises that possess the construction technology for both X7Ni9 and stainless steel C-type LNG cryogenic tanks. It is dedicated to becoming a professional provider of new energy equipment solutions. In the future, ROC will continue to focus on the offshore decarbonization market, strengthen research on new energy equipment, and meet the diverse demands of customers.