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ROC has made great progress by winning multiple domestic and international projects in the marine industry, ushering in the auspicious "Year of the Dragon"

ROC has been deeply involved in various fields such as offshore wind power, marine engineering vessels, and new energy equipment. We prioritize investment in technology research and development, continuously innovate to drive corporate transformation and upgrading, and advocate the spirit of craftsmanship. With innovative technology, excellent quality, and top-notch service, we have gained recognition from all sectors of the industry. In recent years, our company has been rapidly growing and striving to become a leading enterprise in the industry. Faced with fierce competition from domestic and international counterparts, ROC has focused on enhancing our internal strength, expanding our horizons, and maintaining our competitive advantage in the domestic market. Additionally, we actively explore the international equipment market. Thanks to the efforts of all ROC employees, we have recently won multiple domestic and international projects in various fields, achieving remarkable results in the "Year of the Dragon". 


In 2024, everything will prosper under the "Dragon" sign. We have recently won consecutive bids for domestic offshore wind power foundation piles and related components, further consolidating ROC's market position in the field of domestic offshore wind power equipment. We have also secured orders for Qatar customer's accommodation vessel and Australian customer's marine engineering equipment, shouldering the responsibility of developing marine engineering equipment. Moreover, we have won an order for 6 sets of LNG dual-fuel stainless steel tanks from overseas customers, further expanding our presence in the special equipment market for green energy.

As we bid farewell to the challenging year of 2023, ROC will stay true to our original aspiration, forge ahead, and achieve even greater success in 2024.