About Us

To create value for customers by innovative technologies.

Research and Development

Roc possesses “Jiangsu ROC Oil Platform Research Center”, “Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation”, and “Jiangsu Recognized Technical Center”, which are mainly involved in high-tech and high value-added offshore equipments like offshore wind power installation platform, offshore auxiliary ship, offshore lifting equipment, offshore wind power operation and maintenance ship,offshore wind power steel structure, and dedicated to provide solutions for offshore industry. The centers will be market-oriented, improve product competitiveness and comprehensively enhance technical innovation ability.

ROC owns a multi-level talents team ranging from research, engineering and management, such as international welding engineers, international painting engineers, senior engineers and primary registered construction engineers, which provides effective guarantee for continuous high-quality development of our products. ROC constantly pursues technical breakthrough and new procedure. At present, ROC possesses more than 30 patents (including more than 10 patents for invention) and many provincial high-tech product certificates.