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"Ensuring the Safety of Resumption of Work and Production" - Qidong Municipal Government Leaders Visit ROC

On February 19th, ROC had its first day of work after the holiday. Mr. Gao Guangjun, member of the Qidong Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, led a team to visit ROC and provide guidance on resuming work and production. Mr. Shao Xiwu, General Manager of ROC, and other company leaders accompanied the visit.

During the visit, Deputy Mayor Gao inquired in detail about the resumption of work and production, as well as safety measures at ROC. He emphasized the increased safety risks during the resumption period and the need for strict safety management. He urged the company to actively implement the "first lesson of resumption" by strengthening internal safety management, eliminating safety hazards, and making every effort to ensure a successful resumption of work and production. Deputy Mayor Gao highlighted that this is a crucial step in starting the year off well and achieving good results in the first quarter.

General Manager Shao Xiwu reported to Deputy Mayor Gao about the safety preparations and subsequent deployment of ROC for the resumption of work and production. He pledged to fulfill the company's main responsibilities and ensure a safe and orderly resumption of work and production. He also expressed that ROC will seize opportunities, exert more efforts, and release its full potential in 2024 to achieve a successful start and a prosperous year. The company aims to make a greater contribution to the construction of a strong, prosperous, beautiful, and high-tech Qidong.