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Two Sets Of Guangdong Qingzhou Offshore Wind Power Guide Frame Undertaken By ROC Were Successfully Delivered

Lately, ROC successfully delivered two sets of guide frame for Guangdong Qingzhou Offshore Wind Power project. The guide frames are mainly used in the installation of jacket guide piles. The guide frames are 950t and 975t respectively. And the height is 51.5m and 56.5m respectively. It’s the first time that ROC undertook such kind of similar products.

Since the project started, affected by coronavirus, the production cycle has been repeatedly shortened due to the difficulties in the delivery of raw material. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the products, ROC attached great importance and made unified arrangement for production under the premise of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures. The manufacturing process was optimized and the manufacturing cycle was shortened according to the structural characteristics and technical requirements of the product. Before the shipment, we repeatedly review tidal level, ship discharge capacity and other data. Finally, both sets of guide frame were loaded successfully at the same high tide at 0 am. ROC took concrete actions to fulfill commitments and achieved perfect performance.

The successful delivery not only enriches ROC product category in offshore wind power field, but also improves its market competitiveness and contributes to its sustainable profitability. Meanwhile, ROC will continue to carry forward the fine style, make persistent efforts to seize the momentum, dedicate to provide customers with perfect solutions, enhance the corporate brand image, and make contributions to enterprise and social development.