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Fruitful results: ROC won several awards from Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Society

Recently, ROC has received four honorary certificates from Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Society. The "PX121H Offshore Platform Supply Vessel" project was awarded the "Second Prize for Mechanical Design and Product Innovation", while the "Independent C-type Semi-Cold Semi-Pressure 1800M3LNG Fuel Tank" project received the "Third Prize for Mechanical Design and Product Innovation". Mr. Miao Dengyin from Production Department was honored with the "Outstanding Mechanical Manufacturing Craftsman Award", and Mr. Chen Zheng from Design Department was awarded the "Excellent Mechanical Engineer Award". These research achievements not only received recognition from industry experts but also demonstrate the continuous enhancement of ROC's innovation strength and the gradual improvement of innovation quality.

The honor not only affirms the innovative capability of ROC Technology recognized by Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Society, but also serves as a motivation for future high-quality development. Taking this opportunity, ROC will further encourage the spirit of innovation and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for innovation, continuously enhancing the company's independent innovation capability.