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ROC successfully signed the KMSB Floating Pontoon project in Australia

Recently, ROC and Australia's TAMS Group held a signing ceremony for the KMSB Floating Pontoon project. Mr. Jason from TAMS Group, as well as Mr.Shi Xiaoyue,Executive Director of ROC,Mr. Shao Xiwu, General Manager of ROC, and Mr. Fang Ruyi, Executive Vice General Manager etc., attended the ceremony. The successful signing marks the official start of a new journey of development and win-win cooperation between the two parties.

The pontoon has a total length of 165 meters, a beam of 50.4 meters, and a depth of 6 meters, with a total weight of approximately 9,000 tons. The project will be applied to the KMSB terminal in Australia and will be used for berthing large vessels such as FPSOs and Motor roll-in-roll-off vessels. It is an important component of the terminal's overall construction project.

The successful signing of this project signifies a significant breakthrough for the company in the Australian marine engineering market. The company will continue to focus on technological and process innovation and improvement, aiming to create globally competitive strategic products and services. While consolidating its leading position in the domestic market, the company actively seeks to expand its international market. This project will serve as an opportunity for the company to further enhance communication with TAMS Group and continue to engage in in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises, achieving new breakthroughs in the field of marine engineering vessels.