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ROC Was Once Again Selected As “Excellent Partner” Of CRCC

Lately, ROC received an honorary medal ofExcellent Partner” from CRCC Qidong Huaerrui Qidomg H3# Offshore Wind Farm Project Management Team, which was recognition of the excellent management ability and professional construction ability of ROC team in Qidong Huaerrui Qidomg H3# Offshore Wind Power Project.


For this project, ROC wholly undertook construction of 12 sets of monopiles and 14 sets of cages with the total amount of 14000t. Since the project started, ROC project team overcame numerous difficulties and assisted Client to speed up the production of two transition pieces, and urgently modified two sets of misplaced cages, and finally ensured the success of the first offshore wind turbine lifting. During the process, ROC Project team cooperated with all parties sincerely, and passed one test after another perfectly, and won the unanimous praise from customers.

The medal is Client’s great recognition of ROC’s construction ability. In the future, we will continue to carry forward the craftsman spirit, make persistent efforts to provide perfect solutions for customers with better products and services, and create greater value for customers.